Hi, I'm Al. I make beautiful banner ads.

I am a specialist with more experience animating, designing and writing banner ad campaigns than anyone else you can find.
I’m a big fan of getting people to respond to your ads. I can even say “click here” in 10 languages. #worstpickuplineever

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I have worked for everyone.

I have created banner ads in practically every vertical for Fortune 500 companies, Start-ups, Energy, Banks, Games, Food, Jewelry, Technology, Travel, Health, Education, Social, Beauty, Military, Colleges, Pets, Politics, Causes, Presidents, Paupers and a great many agencies.


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Let me be your
banner ad savior.

I create static, GIF, HTML5, and Dynamic HTML5 banner ads that generate the response you want. If you are looking to start out right or up-the-ante on your current campaigns, I’m your man.

Already came up with a campaign that you want to make work for the web? Great! I can handle all stages of production.

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Let me be your
banner ad enabler.

I’ll make sure your project looks like a million clicks and not just something that meets memory requirements. I can clarify your ad specs so your banners appear, animate and function perfectly.

Don’t worry, I know you’re in a rush. That’s just how digital advertising is. I’m on your crazy agency schedule and strive to turn your work around fast, on budget and at deadline.

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Banners. It's what I do too.

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I lucked into this job in 1997. When I got my first ad campaign from Columbia House Music, I had never heard of a banner ad before. But from GIF to Flash to HTML5 to social media, it’s been an engaging journey I’m happy to have found.

Besides banners, I’ve always had a slew of hobbies and fun with my family. I stay pretty busy when I’m not working on your ads.

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