Observe! My amazing feats of strength

Whether it’s high CTR, branding, animation, production or just getting your boss off of your back, I’ll make advertising that generates the response you are looking for.

So. What is it that Al Does all day?

So. What is it that Al Does all day?

I develop static, GIF, or HTML5 animated banner ads that generate the responses you want without scaring off clicks and customers. I love creating banners and have done it for the better part of my adult life. There is a lot of psychology that goes into getting a wealth of people to click on a banner ad. You need the right copy, animation and design that will combine to attract your best audience.

Full Advertising Campaigns

I can build campaigns that are interesting, quick to the point and a strong rivalry to your competition. This includes creative direction, writing, design, animation, development, programming and pure joy.

Design, Production,
Analysis, Stuff

I am available at any stage of production. Whether you need a full plan or just development for the animation of existing designs, I’m sure I can help. I can also tell you what may not work for your online campaign, help improve what you’ve got or just shut up and do what I’m told. I’m good that way.

I Know You Love Bullet Points

  • Full Creative Direction
  • Animation
  • Design
  • Storyboarding
  • Writing
  • Production
  • Programming and Development
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Hand-holding and telling you that your ads will be OK.